WB Risk Prevention Systems

Do you fear a crisis or are you looking for someone to help you with your company, institution, government agency or organization to be prepare for risks, emergencies, pandemics and disasters? Do you even know the most critical events for you, their probability of occurrence and possible effects or the potential for damage?

Or are you currently in an acute crisis, a serious emergency or fighting with unforeseen risky influences from the outside?

Maybe you also have to meet official requirements and don't know how this could be done for you, both technically and economically?

Would it help you to talk to someone who has already experienced comparable situations and has demonstrably mastered them as a responsible manager?Someone who technically and organizationally mastered to deal with pandemics or natural disasters etc.? And someone who also knows the regulatory side and has methodically dealt with incidents and safety risks in depth? Then you have come to the right place. We're here to help!

Dealing with current threats, the resulting risks and strategic risk prevention

While “acute threat” and “dangerous situations” used to be understood primarily as events such as natural disasters or accidents in industrial plants, the perception has now changed significantly.

Due to the increased occurrence of e.g. Cyber attacks on "normal" companies or terrorist attacks on previously "unthought" targets (subways, christmas markets, rock concerts, etc.), we have realized that "risks" in the global, steadily and accelerated world needs to be thought a lot further. We, i.e. not only the individual, but we companies, we authorities, we institutions, etc. have become broadly more vulnerable and the probability of occurrence of risks with massive effects has increased significantly.

This also applies to pandemics (Covid-19), which only need a few days to reach the entire world and which can de facto threaten every human life such as the economic sustainability of every company or the performance of entire national economies, also fits in with this. The risk world has become more complex.

We have all become affected.