WB Risk Prevention Systems

We focus on your

We help companies, organisations and authorities to think ahead: to recognise contexts and scenarios that they were not aware of before.

Together, we focus on your risk horizon before an emergency occurs and provide concrete assistance when the emergency has already occurred.

We accompany you comprehensively:
from the analysis of risks to the concrete application in practice

There are no predefined solutions.

Every customer is unique and that is exactly how we approach every single project: together we develop individual solutions that suit you, taking into account your needs and necessities.

Our focus is on the entire risk horizon: we use the diversity of our experience in a wide range of industries and create analogies. 

We look at all levels of work and transfer proven applications to other areas.

Fast and flexible reactions.

We do not allow ourselves to be discouraged by setbacks.

We have already experienced many events ourselves - why should you endure them if we can prevent it?

Risk Prevention
as a comprehensive challenge
for the German SME sector.

The global, ever-changing world has increased vulnerability to risk. Cyberattacks on small and medium-sized enterprises, terrorist attacks on previously unthought-of targets (subways, Christmas markets, etc.) and also the consequences of climate change show how vulnerable we have become - we as individuals, but also companies, authorities, organizations and institutions. 

The probability of occurrence of risks with a massive impact has increased significantly.

The Covid 19 pandemic has also confirmed this development: A virus only needs a few days to reach the entire world and de facto threaten every human life, the economic viability of companies or the performance of entire national economies.

Most medium-sized companies often still reduce their own risk only to the classic fields - i.e. financial and legal risks. 

The really relevant risks are often not recognized or no one feels responsible. Alternatively, one does not know how easy it would be to significantly minimize harmful effects and probabilities of occurrence. You only deal with the subject when the child has already fallen into the well.

Together we look at your company, authority, organisation or institution and identify possible weak points, work out measures to contain the risks, emergency plans for exceptional situations and shape your company structure for the future. You can find out more about our services and our approach here.

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