Contact for delicate challenges in companies and workforces

Sexual assault | Corruption & nepotism

As a company or institution/organization/agency, do you have any indication or concern that misconduct is occurring in your workforce?

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Our services for dealing with delicate challenges in companies

  • Support in the planning and introduction of preventive measures and procedures
    • Provision of an external contact person who is not directly or indirectly connected to the affected persons, the workforce and the company, including offer of a external pastoral care telephone / Complaints Office with appropriately trained staff (analogous to the telephone counselling service®), anonymous reporting option via e-mail, etc.
    • If applicable, set up a telephone number called "Whistleblower Assaults".
    • Announcement of the offer to all employees
    • Training / coaching / supervision of internal contact persons
    • Planning of standardized procedures for dealing with delicate problems in the company
    • Raising awareness / training / building a "culture" (attitude) throughout the company at all hierarchical levels
    • Establishment of an early warning indicator system
    • Communication of the initial situation, the offers (contact persons) and the preventive measures internally and externally
    • Regular review of the effectiveness of preventive measures
  • Assistance in dealing with actual situations of sexual harassment.
    • Discussions with the reporting person by trained personnel (by telephone, if necessary in person)
    • Documentation & communication of the incident
    • External investigator for the research of concrete suspicious cases (follow-up of each individual case)
    • Analysis of the mood in the company, in departments, in teams by external communication experts
    • If public: communicate with the rest of the company, press, affected stakeholders, etc.
    • Planning & support of measures to remedy specific misconduct by an external party, incl. crisis communication internally and externally
    • Planning of concrete solution measures for "larger" cases / patterns that go beyond the character of individual cases
    • Aftercare / further support of the affected persons / if necessary reintegration & personnel planning etc.
    • Supervision
    • If necessary: support in taking further steps (e.g. coordination with authorities, legal support) and sanctions
  • Support for "culture change
    • Establishing a corporate culture in which behavior-related issues can be discussed confidentially
    • Establishment of clear guidelines, training & mediation
    • Awareness training
    • Regular feedbacks, adjustments of the concepts (based on future developments)

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