Events Violence Security Risk

The "short fuse" as a safety risk for future events

How possible societal late effects of the Corona pandemic should be considered when planning future events. A commentary by Dr. Johannes Wamser & Marcel Hagens. Even though Sars-Cov-2 is still a serious pathogen that will remain with us in the long term, piece by piece more normality is returning to our everyday lives. The mask obligation is lifted in many places as well as [...].

Immunization Task Force City of Bochum

Covid-19 Awareness campaign of the city of Bochum "Wattenscheid against Corona".

WB Risk Prevention Systems supported task force of the city of Bochum to strengthen vaccination rates and preventive health care. In the discussion about vaccination rates and obligations, municipalities and health departments in particular are wondering how best to protect the population from infections and motivate them to vaccinate. However, before this question can even be answered, it is necessary [...]

Bribe Corruption

Bribe for public contracts

"Businesses should not, directly or indirectly, offer, promise, give or solicit bribes or other improper advantages to obtain or retain a contract or other improper advantage." In its guiding principle on combating corruption, the OECD describes, in supposedly understandable terms, what every company should adhere to. That this is different in practice [...]

Subsidiary Interests Risk India

Subsidiary pursues own interests

The European parent company of an international company in the machinery and vehicle manufacturing industry notices by chance that the management of the Indian subsidiary is not acting in accordance with the interests of the parent company. With regard to tax laws, non-compliant behavior is identified. Based on these findings, a study is commissioned that identifies massive compliance violations, corruption, misuse of company property by management, nepotism and theft [...].

Airplane evacuation Nepal

Evacuation flights after government overthrow

Evacuation in emergency management - In very few cases does a government overthrow proceed peacefully and amicably. Protests, unrest and even violent confrontations are not uncommon reactions. An experienced example was the overthrow of the Nepalese government or the deposition of the king, in which the country was completely cut off from the outside world. There was a complete cessation [...]

State Act Federal Armed Forces Event

The Bundeswehr invites you - A major civil-military event

An annual Bundeswehr event is held in a city park in the capital of Lower Saxony. With around 6,000 invited guests - including many guests of honor from business and politics - the major event regularly becomes a target for opponents of the Bundeswehr. This time, too, there is criticism from pacifist and left-wing circles. In addition to legal demonstrations, opponents of the event also resort to more drastic means to express their displeasure. For example, there are paint bag attacks on people and facilities and even a [...]

Employee strike India clashes

Employee strike leads to physical confrontations

It is not always possible to avoid an employee strike in your own company. Grievances and misunderstandings can also lead to this. But so can influence from outside. In this case, the strike developed its own dynamics: around 4,000 employees went on strike at the Indian subsidiary at seven locations. At the time of the intervention, the strike had already been raging for 11 months and the Indian sites were disconnected from the European headquarters. The server connection was [...]

New Terrain China Subsidiary Startup

Gaining a foothold in unfamiliar territory

New territory - A German company with a history of more than 150 years in the machine tool industry and with already several factories in four countries decides in 2013 to set up production, sales offices, purchasing and a design office in China. This decision had become necessary in order to be attractive to its own customers, who have also expanded in China [...]

Mumbai India

Terrorist attacks in Mumbai

On November 26, 2008, terrorist attacks were carried out at a wide variety of locations in the Indian port city of Mumbai. Within a short period of time, there were numerous murders, explosions and hostage-takings. A group of ten attackers was behind the uniformly coordinated terrorist attacks. They split up into several teams on the spot and apparently targeted tourist or Jewish establishments. Two luxury hotels were also among their targets. Led [...]