From one crisis to the next? Risk prevention as an entrepreneurial opportunity!

The global, ever-changing world has made the Vulnerability to risks amplified. Cyberattacks on medium-sized companies, terrorist attacks on previously unthought-of targets, and also the consequences of climate change show how vulnerable we have become - as individuals, companies, authorities, organizations, and institutions. 

The probability of occurrence of risks with a massive impact has increased significantly.

Global trends are creating a need for entrepreneurial intelligence. Companies need to address risk prevention at all levels and take the foresight sharpen.

For a long time, risk prevention was regarded as a purely obligatory exercise for critical infrastructure facilities (e.g. nuclear power plants) or producers of particularly hazardous substances (e.g. chemicals) and for areas with particularly high vulnerability (e.g. air traffic).Here, appropriate technical as well as organizational solutions were developed and rehearsed. Methods that could also be applied to "risk inexperienced" areas. Nevertheless, many companies still do not seriously address the risks relevant to their operations.  

The strength of many companies is that over the past decades they have have become increasingly specialized and have restructured themselves "more efficiently have. Thus, they were optimally positioned for years and are considered worldwide (not without reason) as a Planning world champions and perfectionists of routine processes. This has enabled many companies to become technological leaders, niche kings and world export champions. 

But how does that fit with dealing with imponderables? 

Agile scenario planning: visualizing the future of the company 

Even under the most difficult conditions, the view into the future and the Development of a positive corporate vision succeed - regardless of size or industry. It is human that all the crises cause fear in the first moment and negative scenarios prevail, so modeling "good" scenarios and a "better world" for the company is crucial. 

We, too, see the future changes not as a threat but as an opportunity to be among those who will not only endure but shape development in a constantly changing "new" world.

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