Escalation in Eastern Europe: Immediate action as business in Ukraine and neighboring countries

Escalation Eastern Europe Kiev Ukraine

Es is ein extreme Scenario Sync and corrections by n17t01 entered, that many had thought unthinkable: The escalation in Eastern Europe. Noch than few Days shared some company and even experienced managers, which for decades on Russia German subsidiaries are responsible for, the assessment and confirmed us, from which To have been surprised by attack. 

Even though we ourselves do not have detailed personal knowledge of Russia and Ukraine, we can nevertheless draw on our own experience from unrest and serious crisis situations in other regions, terrorist attacks and (civilian) operations in active war zones. We are also familiar with risk assessment and prevention, i.e. the interplay of damaging events and their probabilities of occurrence.  

Our first recommendation: The (understandable!) emotional consternation, makes us focus especially on following news broadcasts. We find ourselves in a kind of state of shock, which is intensified by each new piece of news. That's why it's important to get into the "doing" as a company and manager. 

Business activities in Eastern Europe: Recommended measures

We recommend taking the following steps or implement, the sich expressly also to the Business activities in all littoral states The following countries are also included in the list: Russia, Belarus, Moldova, the Baltic States, and the eastern border regions of Poland, Romania, Hungary, and Slovakia: 

Build an "Emergency Task Force" focused on day-to-day developments and their impact on local societies and employees and their needs, ideas and fears.

What do you need and what can you do on site to ensure the survival of your employees and your company? 

Create a "Strategic Task Force" at headquarters to keep your company focused on The impact (supply chain and customer failures, economic policy barriers, etc.). prepared respectively Worst Case scenarios modeled.

What happens, for example, when an export ban is imposed? If sanctions remain in place in the medium or long term? 

Structure a "Early Warning Indicator System"that will help you with the expected difficult information situation. allows a "first-hand" view of the situation. 

Gives it (military) early warning indicators, with which one can better assess the current threat situation as a company directly and not filtered through the media? 

Enable your employees to receive information from you centrally (comparable with a clearing house).

Avoid parallel information channels and contradictory answers.

Setup (and maintenance) of communication possibilities, the function independently of the Internet and GSM networksen.

Plan You possible Evacuations. 

What has to happen for us to evacuate? Are there communication and travel/transportation plans? 

Review insurance policies and coverages for your sites and employees. 

What and who is insured at all when situation XY comes into effect? 

Check your existing contingency plans. 

Are existing plans transferable to country XY? What needs to be adapted? 

How we can help:

Services for companies

Services for associations, municipalities & IHK's

  • Gather news and situation reports from sources who are on the ground: Employees, relatives, networks 
  • Supplementing the information with verified Big Data 
  • Evaluation / assessment of the data 
  • Smaller or medium-sized companies in particular will not be able to handle the aforementioned measures on their own; therefore, one could organize the "collective" for several companies (e.g. via an IHK).

Do you have any questions?

Do you have any questions or would you like to check with us about the situation of your company?

As emergency managers with experience in active war and terror zones, with years of experience in emergency logistics, evacuation planning and execution, and crisis communications, we know how to provide ad hoc support and what matters now.

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