Financial risks for companies: The Importance of Risk Prevention and Crisis Management

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In a globalized economy, companies are constantly confronted with various types of risks, some of which can directly or indirectly affect a company's financial stability. Financial risks pose a particular challenge, as they can involve both internal and external factors. We have compiled the main types of financial risks for companies and explain the role of external support for risk prevention and crisis management in addressing these risks.

Main types of financial risks for companies

Credit risks

Credit risks arise when customers or business partners fail to meet their financial obligations. Companies must ensure that they are not overly dependent on individual customers and diversify their receivables appropriately.

Market and interest rate risks

Companies that operate internationally or use financial instruments such as derivatives are exposed to market risks such as exchange rate, interest rate or commodity price risks. Effective risk management involves monitoring market developments and adjusting the financial strategy.

Liquidity risks

These risks arise when a company has difficulty meeting its short-term obligations. To minimize liquidity risks, companies should ensure that they have sufficient cash reserves and that their current liabilities are not excessive.

Operational risks

These risks result from faulty internal processes, systems or employees. Companies can protect themselves against operational risks by constantly monitoring their processes, introducing risk controls and providing training for employees.

The role of external experts in risk prevention and crisis management

We can control, minimize and eliminate risks that are already known or have not yet been identified using appropriate methods and technologies. The following is an excerpt of our services:

WB RPS experts support companies in identifying, assessing and prioritizing financial risks. This includes conducting risk analyses, creating risk maps and developing scenarios for potential crises.
We help companies reduce their financial risks by proposing suitable strategies and measures. These include, for example, the introduction of a risk limit, the diversification of business relationships or the implementation of risk transfer instruments such as insurance.
In the event of a crisis, WB RPS Expert:ins support companies in managing the situation. They help in communicating with stakeholders, developing mitigation measures and preparing for possible legal or regulatory consequences.
We provide training and consulting for companies to raise awareness of financial risks and improve the skills of management and employees in dealing with these risks. By sharing expertise and best practices, companies can strengthen their risk culture and increase their resilience to financial risks.

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Why external support makes sense

Financial risks pose a serious threat to the stability of companies, regardless of their size or industry. By working with risk prevention and crisis management experts, companies can improve their ability to identify, assess and effectively manage these risks. This enables companies to secure their financial stability, meet compliance requirements and achieve long-term success.

The advantages at a glance:


WB RPS Expert:ins have extensive financial risk expertise and experience and can help companies develop and implement effective risk mitigation strategies.

Proactive risk management

By working with one of WB's RPS Expert:in, companies can improve their risk management and identify potential problems early, before they lead to financial loss or reputational damage.


WB RPS Expert:in can help companies comply with regulatory requirements in the area of risk management and avoid potential penalties or sanctions.

Competitive advantage

Effective risk management can help to strengthen the confidence of customers, investors and business partners and thus achieve a competitive advantage in the market.

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