Jan-Hendrik Heinen

Jan-Hendrik Heinen is a commercial all-rounder with a focus on change management and risk management.

He analysed, evaluated and optimised operational, financial and compliance structures along the entire value chain in both medium-sized and listed companies.

As a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), Jan H. Heinen has repeatedly uncovered white-collar crime in the USA, Africa, India, the Middle East and Japan, among other places. By means of appropriate measures, he has minimized or even completely recovered financial damages.

He initially moved in a military environment and is still a reserve officer today. As part of his officer training, he completed a degree in business administration and later built up various technology start-ups as a co-founder.

After the so-called Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) was enacted as a result of the Enron and Worldcom accounting scandals, Jan H. Heinen accompanied the introduction of a holistic internal control system (ICS) for a Fortune 500 company in the USA. He was in charge of setting up a company-wide operational audit structure.

Most recently, he was responsible for various change management and M&A projects in a German medium-sized holding company, where he initiated and drove forward the integration of the heterogeneous corporate landscape. There he restructured a manufacturing Indian subsidiary along the entire value chain. If your company is looking for strategic impulses or has an uneasy feeling of being damaged by white-collar crime, Jan H. Heinen is the person to contact.

Contributions by Jan-Hendrik Heinen

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In the military, at startups, medium-sized companies and listed corporations, Jan H. Heinen has become acquainted with a wide variety of organizations and structures. In the WB Risk Prevention Systems Team, he contributes years of operational experience in crisis management.

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