Attack on Ukraine: ad hoc crisis management for companies in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe map Ukraine attack conflict

The events of the last few hours in Eastern Europe shake us all. Just a few days ago, we had the hope that diplomacy would prevail in Europe. And even then we were wondering how to find the right path as a company between "unnecessary scaremongering" and a (perhaps "naïve") hope that nothing will happen.

If you are in the Ukraine you need to act now: Activate your contingency plans and take action to protect your employees, your company, and yourself as well. 

But what if your company is located in one of the neighboring states in Eastern Europe? Are you prepared for the conflict to spread to Poland, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Slovakia, Latvia Lithuania or Estonia expands?

Checklist: A first overview

We have prepared a checklist that you can use to check right away how well you are currently positioned. Check which goods and resources are available to you and your employees to be sufficiently prepared and to ensure survival in an emergency:

Review your current supplies that need to be on hand in case of an emergency:

  • Drinking water and food
  • Generators and diesel / gasoline
  • Shelter cellar/safe room
  • First aid material and refresher of first aid measures
  • Preparation for an emergency stop of the production
  • Cybersecurity of the company 
  • etc.

Prepare for possible evacuation of employees and dependents: determine an emergency plan that can be implemented on an ad hoc basis.

Review your insurance policies that cover your employees and your business. For example, what and who is covered at all if situation XY comes into effect? 

Analysis of the supply chains and identification of possible alternatives: For example, what happens if an export ban is imposed and the supplier can no longer deliver?

This checklist will give you an initial assessment of your situation and help you identify which items are not yet adequately prepared for a crisis. 

The critical situation not only in Ukraine itself, but especially in the surrounding states, requires a cool head and concrete measures that can be implemented immediately if necessary. The individual situation of the companies on the ground can only be identified in a direct analysis of the existing plans and measures -. contact us if you want us to examine, develop and/or put them into practice together, without panic and without blind actionism. 

Crisis managers with experience in active war zones

As emergency managers with experience in active war and terror zones, with years of experience in emergency logistics, evacuation planning and execution, and crisis communications, we know how to provide ad hoc support and what matters now.

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