WB Risk Prevention Systems

From crisis to crisis? Risk prevention as an entrepreneurial opportunity!

In the ever-changing world, shape future developments instead of simply enduring negative consequences.


Are you currently dealing with risks, crises or their impact on you or your company?
Are you wondering how to strategically plan for the future under the influence of all the current crises?
Or is there an acute crisis or emergency that you need to address immediately?


Take advantage of our personal experience and proven methodological competencies

Then benefit from our Experience as long-standing risk experts & crisis managerswhich we have experienced first-hand in leading management positions in medium-sized companies or corporate groups.

As strategic partner we provide comprehensive support to companies and authorities on the path from identifying potentially damaging influences, to setting up and supporting crisis management structures, to strategic planning for the future. 

Our Services range from the Risk Prevention and the establishment of a strategic risk management about the Management of concrete crises and emergency situations to the development of a resilient future strategy

Emergency Management

Risk governance as a service

Scarce resources, a lack of skilled workers and overburdened management. This image currently dominates the everyday life of many companies. As an "add-on" we relieve with our service package Risk governance as a service the existing team in the company. By providing a resource that can be immediately and easily integrated in case of need or emergency. 

This is what we are currently dealing with:

Learning from the experience of others

We do not allow ourselves to be discouraged by setbacks.

We have already experienced many scenarios ourselves - why should you endure them if we can prevent it?

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