The challenge of a shortage of skilled workers: Plannable access to external capacities

Access external capacities emergency

Staff overload, difficulties in filling vacancies and unrealized project or production targets are currently among the biggest challenges facing medium-sized companies. The predicted shortage of skilled workers has become a reality. By accessing external capacities, entrepreneurs can minimize the risk.

HR departments are unable to find qualified and experienced employees who meet the requirements of the job or who are willing to commit to the company in the long term. This overloads existing staff and pushes them to their physical and mental limits. The shortage of skilled workers has become a cross-industry and cross-departmental challenge that can develop into a business crisis. 

Shortage of skilled workers endangers sensitive business areas

The lack of capacity and resources in companies is now also affecting the risk management area, which is responsible for identifying, assessing and monitoring corporate risks. Employees in this sensitive area are responsible for developing strategies to mitigate and monitor various risks. Without sufficiently qualified employees, it is difficult for companies to identify potential risks in good time and initiate suitable countermeasures. 

At the same time, the overload of the responsible personnel and management regularly leads to inattention or carelessness and, as a consequence, to wrong decisions in the assessment of potential risks. 

Plannable access to external capacities: experts ensure crisis management in case of need

Scarce resources, lack of skilled workers and overburdened management. How can companies react ad hoc to this risk potential?  

Due to these developments, which we receive in particular from our networks and from companies, we have developed an "add on" for you. With our service package Risk governance as a service we relieve the overloaded personnel by offering an additional resource. In case of need or emergency, this resource can be called upon immediately and easily and can be integrated into your company in a targeted manner.  

This enables you to ensure that risk areas continue to be viewed holistically and crisis situations are overcome despite capacity bottlenecks. At the same time, our experience and expertise from a wide range of industries and countries provide an independent view of existing processes and measures. In addition to the available resource, which can be activated acutely, you have the possibility to enter into a regular exchange with us and to get to know new perspectives and experience reports of other entrepreneurs.  

Consequences of the shortage of skilled workers

If a company is affected by a shortage of skilled workers and does not resort to alternatives such as external Expert:inside, from, In addition to the developments already mentioned, there may also be further consequences for the Entrepreneur:inside to come. Here are some examples: 

When it there are not enough skilled workersto open positions adequate to be filled, leads this leads to an increase in the Personnel costsCompany need Offer higher salaries and benefits, to Jobs for suitable Applicants:inside more attractive to mache. 

Companies compete for the best Candidate:inside on the labor market. Are the workingnIf the remuneration or benefits offered by a competitor company are more attractive, the verlihet the company Existing personnel or potentially suitable Bewerber:inside to this. In particular Personnel that missing resources over a long period of time, must be also be relieved and valued. A stable personnelsituation looks different.  

If there are not enough skilled workers to complete all the tasks, they can be sich Projects delayn or it can not all targeted targets are achieved. This in turn jeopardizes sales and thus growth of the companys. 

A lack of Professionalsn, can be furthermore negativ on the quality of the provided Work impact. Weniger qualifiesized personnel or just nobodyd Performs the tasks to be done respectively geeignetit Staff must be the work to be doneeit with less time and attention. Also leads the overload of the Collaborationhe:inside often Sync and corrections by n17t01 Demotivation this, which also affect the quality of the Workeresults may be affected. 

When companies have difficulty finding skilled workers, ssen they limit their expansion plans because there is not enough talent available become, to achieve the desired growth rate. 

As Prevention maction against the shown Crisis situation we recommend our external resourcen. Learn more about the integration of our capacities here:

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