Leadership experience
in difficult
and complex situations.

We have experienced emergency situations first hand and have developed antennae for such situations.

Here you can find a part of our projects. The case studies will give you an insight into our approach to critical situations, risks and our handling of worst-case scenarios:

Our projects

Crisis communication vaccination campaign Corona

Crisis communication in a big city

Municipality - Communication - Corona
With the onset of the Corona pandemic, hardly any company was able to draw on experience from similar situations already experienced and accordingly prepared emergency and crisis plans. However, this was not only the case for companies, but also for...

Bribe Corruption

Bribe for public contracts

Corruption - Management - Audit - South Africa
In its guiding principles for combating corruption, the OECD describes in supposedly understandable terms what every company should adhere to. The fact that this looks different in practice and does not always comply with the guidelines is unfortunately a fact that we in companies also...

Unknown Terrain China Subsidiary

Gaining a foothold in unfamiliar territory

China - Corruption - Expand - Exit
In 2013, a German company in the machine tool industry, which already had several factories in four countries, decided to set up production, sales offices, purchasing and a design office in China. This decision had become necessary in order to be able to...

Employee strike union India

Employee strike leads to disputes

Strike - Employees - India - Union
It is not always possible to avoid an employee strike in your own company. Grievances and misunderstandings can also lead to this. But so can the influence of outside persons. In this case, the strike developed its own dynamic...

Evacuation flights after government overthrow

Evacuation flights after government overthrow

Nepal - Overthrow - Communication - Logistics
The overthrow of a government is rarely peaceful and consensual. Protests, unrest and even violent confrontations are not uncommon. One experienced example was the overthrow of the Nepalese government, in which the country...

The Bundeswehr invites you - major event in Lower Saxony

Event - Bundeeswehr - Security
The capital of Lower Saxony hosts an annual event with around 6,000 invited guests that regularly becomes a target for opponents of the Bundeswehr. This time, too, there is criticism from pacifist and left-wing circles. Besides legal demonstrations...

India embezzlement funds subsidiary risk

The Indian subsidiary pursues its own interests

India - Compliance - Corruption - Restructuring
The European parent company of a company in the mechanical engineering and vehicle manufacturing industry notices by chance that the management in India is not acting in accordance with the interests of the parent company. A study is commissioned to investigate compliance violations, corruption...

Terrorist attacks Mumbai India evacuation

Terrorist attacks in Mumbai

Terrorism - India - coordination - communication - crisis team
On November 26, 2008, terrorist attacks were carried out at a wide variety of locations in the Indian port city of Mumbai. Within a short period of time, there were numerous murders, explosions and hostage-takings. Two luxury hotels were also among their target...

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