Risk prevention as a challenge for SMEs

Risk prevention for SMEs Challenge

We as private individuals, but also we companies, we authorities, we institutions, etc. have become more vulnerable across the board. The probability of risks with massive effects occurring has increased significantly. At the same time, risk prevention is becoming increasingly important.

Corona, cyberattacks, terrorist attacks & climate change

Recent years have seen an increase in the occurrence of, for example, cyberattacks on "normal" companies or terroristr Attacks on others targets (subways, Christmas markets, rock concerts, etc.), maturing the realization that vulnerability to risk in the global, ever-evolving changing and accelerated world has grown.

The appearance of Corona also fits in with this. A virus needs only a few days to reach the entire world and de facto threaten every human life, the economic viability of every company or the performance of entire economies. In the meantime, we have all become affected.  

Risk prevention over time

In the past, risk prevention was regarded as a purely obligatory exercise for critical infrastructure facilities (e.g. nuclear power plants) or producers of particularly hazardous substances and for individual sectors with a particularly high level of vulnerability (e.g. air traffic).  

Here, appropriate technical and organizational solutions were developed and rehearsed. Methods that could also be transferred to "risk-unexperienced" areas. But in most medium-sized companies, risk is often still reduced only to the classic fields, i.e., financial and legal risks. Often, the relevant risks are not even known or no one feels responsible. Or one does not know how easy it would actually be to significantly minimize harmful effects and probabilities of occurrence. Risks are only dealt with when the child has already fallen into the well.  

Entrepreneurial challenges

In our cooperation with companies, authorities, organizations, etc., we encounter challenges again and again. For example:

  • Risks are often not known or there is a lack of risk awareness
    "We have no risks in our company!"

  • Risks are assessed incorrectly
    "The error only occurs every x years!"


We help companies identify risks

How we can help companies specifically? For example, with the following services:

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