Risk prevention in high-impact risk fields

The risk areas of companies are diverse. In addition to industry-specific risks, there are areas that affect every company. These include, for example Personnel risksThe following table shows the impact of the following factors on the Group's financial position, financial performance and cash flows. Reputational risks arise quickly when a company is involved in scandals or allegations of fraud. A damaged reputation can affect customer and investor confidence and lead to a drop in sales.

Regulatory risksthat can arise when a company violates laws or regulations can also have a negative impact on the company's development. 

Market risks, due to changes in economic conditions, or Natural disasters or extreme weather conditionsAlthough it is not possible to influence such risks as earthquakes, floods or forest fires, there are preventive measures that can be taken to minimize the negative impact of such events.

Data protection breaches and in particular Cyber Attacks are part of a risk field that is constantly evolving and assuming ever more complex dimensions. Here, software solutions are no longer sufficient to protect against possible attacks in the digital world.

From analysis to implementation of preventive measures

Our risk experts support you in identifying the risk areas relevant to your company and the current status. Together, we develop suitable solutions and establish them in your processes.

Our Services

Cyber-crime prevention as a service

Unnoticed security gaps, sensitivity of employees and optimization possibilities. More information about our services in the area of cyber-crime prevention can be found here: 

Hedging as a service

Employee:inside retention as a service

*Due to the local legal situation, this service offer only refers to companies based in Germany. 

Change management as a service

Customized high-impact risk field prevention as a service

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