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The balance of the world has been shaken: The intricate web of economic, political, cultural, scientific and social ties with Russia has been torn asunder. Communication channels that have been tried and tested for decades have been interrupted, financial transactions disrupted, global supply chains jeopardized, and energy and raw material prices rising unchecked. Neither Western states nor their institutions or companies can escape the far-reaching consequences. The economy will (have to) reorganize itself. This will change global economic relations as a whole.  

But what is the current situation in Russia? How are events affecting the economy in Russia? And what consequences must companies working with or in Russia expect? What alternative courses of action are opening up in light of this new reality? 

With our series of events, we would like to show new perspectives. Our expert Christian Altmann, former Managing Director AHK Russia, St. Petersburg, Russia and manager of Lufthansa AG at locations in Europe and Asia, reports from his adopted home St. Petersburg.  

In addition to a very current classification of the events, we would like to enable the participants of our WB roundtable to have an open exchange with the experts and with each other.

The talks will be moderated by Werner Heesen. 

Werner Heesen has already worked in management positions in India since the 1980s during his management career at Lufthansa AG, among others as Director/SVP Commercial ModiLuft or Director South Asia. He joined WB in 2012 as a senior consultant for crisis management and human resources. 

Event series

31 August 2022 / 14-15 h
Current Situation in Russia: An Assessment from the Inside Out

What is currently happening in Russia and what challenges do entrepreneurs have to face? On the basis of selected figures, data and facts, Christian Altmann will give us an economic policy assessment of the current situation in Russia. While the conditions for foreign companies were already difficult with the introduction of the sanctions in 2014, they have become even more difficult since February 24 of this year. We want to shed some light on the situation and provide an overview of the current status.  

Business in the EU and Russia has had to react quickly to the challenges of recent months. We take a look at the new framework conditions for companies working in Russia or with Russia and discuss which options for action are opening up.  

Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to share your own experiences in doing business in Russia and to exchange ideas with other entrepreneurs. 

29 September 2022 / 14-15 h
Hold the location, leave the market or just keep your head down?

In view of the new circumstances, European entrepreneurs have to ask themselves how they should relate to the Russian market, its suppliers or sources of raw materials in the future. Until a few years ago, almost 7000 German companies were active in Russia. In the course of the year, the number has already halved and is continuing to fall.  

How can an orderly withdrawal and termination of activities succeed? Is it even possible to sell a branch office or operating facility in Russia? Are there alternative solutions and what dangers and risks should be considered? What experiences have companies made in recent months and what lessons are transferable? 

Christian Altmann is at home in the business world of German companies in Russia. Using concrete examples, he will explain to us possible Russia strategies that he has witnessed in recent weeks. In view of the new framework conditions, well-known companies have withdrawn from the market while others have kept their heads down or continued to run their business on a tight budget. We report on the concrete experiences of entrepreneurs on the ground. 

Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to share your experiences and discover what opportunities other entrepreneurs are considering. 

27 October 2022 / 14-15 h
Looking to the future: Which markets are gaining in importance in the face of the crisis?

We look to the future together: Whereehich markets are gaining in importance in the face of the crisis?  
The world will change with and through the crisis. And with the world, our own economic environment. Already now place we are taking account of the changes within the supply chains fixed, the changing Markets and purchasing behavior, but also to geopolitical Shifts. The EU is turning away from Russia, seeking closer ties with the USA and rethinking its relationship with China. Is this an opportunity for India, for example, to establish itself as a new market of the future, or are there other winners?
Whereow can German companies make sustainable and targeted use of these developments? and how should you Entrepreneur:in prepare for it? 
With ourn Risk experts from WB Risk Prevention Systems Christian Altmann ventures a look into the future and shows which countries are already emerging as 'winners' of the crisis.  
We invite you to join with our experts and the other Participants:inside to engage in a creative exchange and share ideas about global developments and their impact. 

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