Sexual harassment in the workplace

Protection against sexual assault in companies increasingly important

Sexual harassment in the workplace

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a serious problem that can have both physical and psychological effects on the employees concerned. It includes any unwanted verbal, nonverbal or physical conduct that is sexual in nature or targeted at the affected person's gender or sexuality and affects the work environment. 

In recent years, awareness of the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace has increased. Many companies have already started to take measures to protect their employees. However, this is an ongoing process that requires continuous education, training and awareness-raising among employees. 

Creating a safe working environment is not only morally but also legally necessary. In Germany, companies are obliged to protect their employees from sexual harassment in the workplace or by colleagues and to take appropriate measures to minimize the risk of sexual assault. 

We support you in prevention, immediate aid and crisis management

Our goals:

1. containment of damage for possible affected persons
2. avoidance of damage for employees, employers and companies.
3. introduction of preventive measures to avoid recurrence.

Our measures:

  • Management consulting In the upcoming decisions to deal with possible cases and future events.  
  • Open feedback "from the outside": Reflection of the self-perception and the perception of others 
  • Architecture of the entire package of measures  
  • Determination of the Priorities and the resulting time sequence of implementation. 
  • Consultation for concrete cases of sexual violence, need for sanctions and/or involvement of other external agencies and authorities. 
  • Labor law assessment with the involvement of a specialist attorney for labor law
  • Victim Protection: The aim is to contain (further) damage, especially for affected persons
  • Provision and/or selection of a/an external contact:inwho is not directly or indirectly connected to the persons concerned, the workforce and the company, including offer of a external complaints office with appropriately trained personnel (analogous to the Telephone counselling®), anonymous reporting option via e-mail, etc. 
  • Documentation of the cases and message to the management 
  • Addressing threatsIf necessary, sanctions under labor law; depending on the strength of the case: external investigator for researching specific cases of suspicion.
  • Follow-up: Further support of the affected persons, if necessary reintegration & personnel planning etc. 
  • Planning of a Communication strategy to address those affected and the rest of the workforce in order to avoid gossip and reputational damage to individuals and the company
  • Mood barometer (Mood in the company, in departments, in teams) 
  • Media monitoring 
  • Planning and provision of a/r Press spokesperson:in or communications consultant:in for external communication
  • Avoiding repetition: With the active, formative involvement of the circle of trust; if necessary, supported by external moderators.
    • Training / coaching / supervision of internal contact persons 
    • Development of measures for Sensitization of the workforce 
    • Development of offers for Affected (Keyword "free space") 
    • Development of standardized processes for dealing with delicate problems in the company 

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Preventive measures against sexual harassment

Learning from the best and avoiding the mistakes of others - Netherlands as a pioneer

It has been our experience that Dutch companies have clearly more mature and experienced with the handling of the subjects are as many other Unterprise in Europe. This may be due to the different legaln Regulationen lie as well (in the Netherlands has existed since the 1990s A special law to protect against harassment, discrimination and violence in the workplace.). Sow an increased Awareness of society. In the Netherlands there are already for many years, a strong movement for gender equality and the fight against discrimination and violence. The society is Very sensitive for the topic of sexual harassment and Victim Protection.

That is why we work with the best Netherlands experts who have been and continue to be significantly involved in the design and application of appropriate measures over the years.

We have also accompanied many companies that were surprised by corresponding problems in the workforce and therefore either fell into blind actionism or underestimated the challenges. Avoid making the same mistakes! 

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