Best practice: What long-term benefits can be achieved?

Can the Covid-19 protection measures perhaps even produce sustainable benefits?

One example: thanks to hygiene concepts, the number of sick days in companies has fallen significantly over the last few months (from an average of 7% to less than 4%). Obviously, other diseases are also transmitted less frequently due to the greater sensitivity to hygiene.

Another example: The sudden loss of business trips leads to considerable savings in travel costs and travel times. Where it was previously assumed that certain business processes would never be possible via video conferencing, we now realize that it is possible. The willingness of all parties involved is therefore basically there. Can this willingness improve our economic result?

Best Practice Covid-19: New Perspectives

The pandemic reduces inhibitions and enables us to talk about private issues with all participants, which were previously absolutely taboo. Suddenly you can talk to employees about washing your hands after going to the toilet, suddenly home office is possible, suddenly accelerated approval procedures work, suddenly the willingness to compromise of all parties involved is higher.

Our Services

  • We analyze the "benefit potential" of your measures in a long-term context, such as "permanent reduction of sick leave" or "increase of efficiency through more profitability and business optimization" or also "saving of emissions by reducing travel activities" (ecology).
  • We may even identify with you innovative, creative and unconventional business models.
  • Covid-19 can also be used as an excellent opportunity to make the company, the authority, the institution, etc. safer for future risks (strengthening resilience). In other words: Translating the current learning curve into prevention.
  • Even if we succeed in effectively containing the Covid-19 pandemic in the near future, we must be prepared for the fact that the topic of "health management" will be permanently integrated into our planning and development processes. The earlier this insight is internalized in our consciousness, the better.