Protective measures and damage limitation

Corona itself may seem "unplannable". But this does not mean that we are helplessly condemned to react. We can certainly plan relevant technical and organizational measures, develop emergency plans, prepare internal and external communication.

Our Services: Corona Protection & Mitigation

  • A detailed and early Analysis of the situation in your company, authority, municipality, institution etc. and its environment is an essential prerequisite for success. Involve us as early as possible in the preparation of the corresponding plans and packages of measures.
  • This saves you valuable time and costs.
  • We have own hands-on experience with Crises and emergencies (such as earthquakes, floods, epidemics and terrorist attacks). Although Covid-19 has different parameters, certain means and management methods - especially in the preventive area - are identical.
  • We are also able to work with you on technical and organizational solutions i.e. to identify, purchase and deploy (including consideration of application experience, weighing up between proven methodologies and alternative / new technologies as well as evaluation of the benefit or cost-benefit effect)