Covid-19 Commissioner & Corona Crisis Staff

You need a central contact person or responsible managerwho immediately takes over the central coordination of all measures in your company, authority or institution?

This is often not a "full-time job" and the responsible employees have other tasks to perform, although it requires appropriate competence, experience and daily information searches. Thus, most companies, institutions, authorities etc. find themselves in the dilemma that on the one hand they have to continue to prepare for infections, but on the other hand it does not make economic sense to employ, train etc. a correspondingly competent employee on a full-time basis.

Covid-19: Our services

  • We can work for you or in your company, institution etc. as Covid 19 Representative or set up and moderate a crisis management team.
  • We avoid "blind actionism" and waste of funds by using individualized checklists to check what still needs to be done and where you are already ideally positioned.
  • If required, we also set up a clearing house "Covid-19" (round-the-clock availability, also ensured by hotline function in Germany and India).
  • Since we have been working on problem solutions in this sector for many months, our recommendations are always based on current experience and knowledge. Therefore, please make use of this advantage.