Internal and external communication

Since the course of the Covid-19 pandemic is by no means static and constantly leads to new findings, measures must also be constantly adapted. However, these changes will only be successful if they are communicated quickly, appropriately, "recipient compliant", consistently and permanently.

Covid-19 & Communication: Our services

  • We create action plans together with you and can act as your "Communication Officer for Covid-19".
  • We communicate your prevention measures (both internally to employees, but also externally, e.g. to the neighboring population, authorities, press, visitors etc.)
  • We prepare a Communication Plan for the case of infections (who speaks internally and externally, when and with whom about what).
  • We sensitize those involved to the importance of communication even in the case of unplanned events.
  • From WB, you will be assisted by experts who are already familiar with what is going on and who can explain each step in great detail and accompany its execution.