Awareness (measures to generate adequate sensitization and awareness of the problem)

Basically it is difficult to break down abstract danger situations to the personal behavior of an individual person. Even two people interpret and live out instructions differently. The one may be (over-)cautious, while the other acts rather according to the motto: "let's keep our feet on the ground; everything went well".

The longer extraordinary circumstances persist, the more frequently minor deviations from specifications occur. Individuals then always act a little more riskily without being aware of it.

This continues until corresponding "events" occur, e.g. due to a concatenation of smaller errors, which can however develop threateningly like a snowball effect.

Often individuals also (unconsciously) apply different standards to their own behavior in their professional and private lives (such as "I avoid being close to colleagues in the company, but then meet friends in a pub or at a wedding").

However, our daily lives must change not only in business, but also in our private lives. In this context, it is a real challenge for every individual to meet the need for "personal freedom" in the same way that "discretionary powers" must not be interpreted too broadly, so that they do not become threatening - even life-threatening. This understanding, this awareness of the problem must be present or created among all those affected.

Our Services

We take an in-depth look at the structures, workflows and processes of your company, authority, institution, etc. and develop from this - together with you - a long-term plan with recurring appointments and intensive training programs.

We also use new methods and findings that our experts are currently experiencing in dealing with the current pandemic. The main objective is to achieve the same understanding and readiness for "active change" among all those affected.

One example: Up to now, most companies have relied on classic information processes such as circulars to the workforce, townhall meetings or central announcements from the management. However, it may make more sense to appoint and train several "pandemic ambassadors" in the workforce, who can then sensitize smaller groups in the company, e.g. a production shift in everyday life. We can prepare such pandemic ambassadors individually and in a targeted manner and provide support for all the questions that arise.

In other words: It must be ensured under all circumstances that each employee - or person - feels personally addressed and recognizes and assumes his or her assigned responsibility.