Achievement and verification of conformity with official regulations and orders

How well or poorly do you meet the regulatory requirements? Which regulations do you actually have to consider and how can they be implemented? With which measures do you achieve which effects?

Our approach

We master the entire range of the required analysis methods combined with practical experiencewith which you can record and document (through a neutral view from outside) in a structured way how well you, your company, your institution or authority deals with the official requirements ("Conformity") and where improvements can be made.

We neutrally evaluate the correspondence between your papers & documents and the reality lived at your site (in the form of "Audit"). The goal is to identify potential for improvement together with you. And this not only with regard to the factor "risk of infection" (= social motivation), but also with regard to increasing efficiency and profitability (= entrepreneurial motivation).

Aim of the measures 

  1. Elaboration of a concept for the implementation of the arrangements and sensible measures to adequately protect the operation, i.e. employees (and visitors) at the company sites.  
  1. Verification and auditing of the planned and implemented measures by an external assessor, (among other things) to document compliance with duities of care towards authorities, employees and other stakeholders 

Proposed Measures 

  • Compilation of the relevant regulations and/or other recommendations for a reasonable protection of employees and visitors. 
  • Together with you (and, if necessary, the authorities), those requirements and measures are identified which are effective on site or should be used in a sensible manner. 
Milestone 1: What are your specific requirements at your sites? 
  • Transferring the requirements into possible measures > how can they be implemented?
  • Content:  
    • Process and procedure descriptions,  
    • Company organization (including own staff, but also visitors, arrival and departure of employees, delivery of goods, etc.)  
    • structural and technical adjustments. 
Milestone 2: What should be implemented in your company and how? 
  • We will accompany you during the implementation, because challenges will certainly arise or adjustments will have to be made to the original plans. 
Milestone 3: Concept is in place, implementation has reached a level of maturity that you can have externally evaluated / audited. 
  • We support you in developing the audit plan, which will be handed over to the assessor with a comprehensive report. 
  • We accompany and coordinate the execution of the audit by the (external) assessor: 
    • Desk Audit / Conformity assessment of the documents handed over by you/us, 
    • Compiling a checklist for the on-site visit, 
    • unannounced visit on site: the assessor gets a realistic picture of the processes etc. "under current conditions"
    • Preparing the audit report, 
    • In case of need (should optimization potential be identified), the auditor also compiles a management letter. 
Milestone 4: Audit completed.