Risks company Marcel Hagens

Many risks are not even recognized by companies

War, terrorism, kidnapping: For more than 25 years, Marcel Hagens has been dealing with risks, crisis management and customized insurance solutions. The native Dutchman also benefits from his experience as a former professional volleyball player and trained insurance broker. At the beginning of your career, you worked as a consultant for a consulting firm specializing in insurance for soldiers. In 2009, you took the step to become self-employed. What did [...]

Check Company Jan-Hendrik Heinen

Holistic check for companies

In the military, at start-ups, medium-sized companies and listed corporations, Jan H. Heinen has become acquainted with a wide variety of organizations and structures. In the WB Risk Prevention Systems Team, he contributes years of operational experience in crisis management. Since the beginning of 2020, the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has kept the world on tenterhooks. As an experienced crisis manager, what lessons do you draw from this catastrophe, from personal, but also [...]

State Act Federal Armed Forces Event

The Bundeswehr invites you - A major civil-military event

An annual Bundeswehr event is held in a city park in the capital of Lower Saxony. With around 6,000 invited guests - including many guests of honor from business and politics - the major event regularly becomes a target for opponents of the Bundeswehr. This time, too, there is criticism from pacifist and left-wing circles. In addition to legal demonstrations, opponents of the event also resort to more drastic means to express their displeasure. For example, there are paint bag attacks on people and facilities and even a [...]