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Taliban take over determines the choice of your next car?

The Taliban's conquest of Afghanistan has had dramatic and severe consequences for the local population. But it will also potentially affect your next phone, laptop or even car. A post by Marcel Hagens Although 70 % of the country remains untapped, Afghanistan is believed to have vast amounts of natural resources. Among them, one of the [...]

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Risks company Marcel Hagens

Many risks are not even recognized by companies

War, terrorism, kidnapping: For more than 25 years, Marcel Hagens has been dealing with risks, crisis management and customized insurance solutions. The native Dutchman also benefits from his experience as a former professional volleyball player and trained insurance broker. At the beginning of your career, you worked as a consultant for a consulting firm specializing in insurance for soldiers. In 2009, you took the step to become self-employed. What did [...]

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