Companies are becoming more risk-averse

Risk Company Risk Prevention Dr. Johannes Wamser
With Risk Prevention Systems, Dr. Wamser + Batra GmbH supports its customers in managing crises and emergency situations, in addition to pandemics, such as corruption, mass strikes, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, kidnapping, war. Managing Director Dr. Johannes Wamser about risks in everyday business, thinking outside the box and a crisis-tested team.

To what extent has the pandemic Awareness of risks among companies sharpened and will this lead to more risk prevention measures in the long term?

John Wamser: In my opinion, Corona is far from being overcome and will have a lasting effect. You only have to look at other countries to see what is already happening there. For example, building laws are changing with regard to the design of open-plan offices and canteens. And nThe extent of the risk has increased fundamentally since the pandemic. Cyberattacks, for example, have shown how vulnerable businesses and citizens are. We are Sync and corrections by n17t01 of the firm conviction that it will not only be important at present, but also in the long term, take early warning signals seriously and address risk prevention at all levels. 

WB is well prepared for emergencies and very familiar with the topic of risk prevention. Recently, you have expanded your Team for WB Risk Prevention Systems has been expanded to include new partners. Which competences bring colleagues with? 

Wamser: We already had specialists on board of whom we had no idea how crisis-tested they were. Through their recommendations and our network, other experts came on board. One colleague, for example, was technical manager for the reconstruction of the airport in Taipei at the time of the bird flu. A former Lufthansa manager was involved in the multi-day Terrorist attack, et al. at two luxury hotels, on the ground in Mumbai. Members of the crews also lived there. Just as a health centre gathers specialists in one place, we have expertise for a wide variety of crises: Natural disasters, mass strikes, corruption, pandemics, terrorist attacks, kidnapping, war.  

Which orders does the WB Risk take care of? Prevention Systems Team current? 

Wamser: Cases vary widely, so it's good that we have professionals with such wide-ranging expertise on the team. We advise for instance even one german a new business segment in Africa and Asia. launches. We accompany the entire process from risk analysis to risk prevention and emergency management. Leipzig Airport has temporarily replaced a colleague Corona Commissionern used. We accompany also Medium-sized companies in the process, now to restart production or sales on international markets. In the case of a other lack of customers at its Indian location certification and insurance for a plant, despite contracts to the contrary. 

Dr. Wamser + Batra has been assisting European companies in planning, implementing, controlling and optimizing business activities and projects in India for almost 20 years. On the ground, managing crises and emergencies includes more than in almost any other country to everyday business. What are the risks? 

Wamser: The subcontinent has a lot of turbulence or imponderables in store for everyday business. Our clients include companies that have been on strike for many months, where supply chains have been interrupted or where production halls have collapsed as a result of flooding. The issue of corruption is also pervasive. And after the Corona situation in Germany had calmed down somewhat, it became really dramatic again in India, especially since some sick people also became infected with the dangerous black fungus.  

We can transfer the methods that have been tried and tested on the ground from India to other situations. All critical events can actually be approached with the same methodology. 

On the 11th. March 2020 explained the World Health Organization declared SARS-CoV-2 a pandemic. As an entrepreneur working in India, how did you experience the beginnings of the crisis? 

Wamser: As recently as February 2020, when it was still completely underestimated in Germany, what's coming with Corona, we've already had our first crisis meeting. Our experts, who deal with most diverse Katastrophe very good know, warned svery early onthat there's something coming. We then immediately internally Measures have been taken that have had an impact on parts of our workforce. initially rather at Unvhe understanding jammedbut later with Company state often he art for example, AHA rules and home office. The Colleagues felt that at first than scare tactics. When it Sync and corrections by n17t01 we were already well prepared. 

How did it look with your customers in India fromwhen the chips were down? 

Wamser: That was the sticking point. The Company were still even unprepared. Supply chains collapsed, projects were postponed. ZAt that point, we... decidedlythat we the pandemic planswhich we have worked out for our house, can also implement for others. In India, but also in Germany, for medium-sized companies, municipalities and even football clubs. And that we can draw on our many years of experience with WB Risk Prevention system on an even broader basis. That is why we have recently strengthened our team and now have the expertise to deal with a wide range of crises and emergency situations., regardless of the industry or region.