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WB Christmas campaign against hunger

WB Christmas campaign Welthungerhilfe

Even if the year has led to some minor or major restrictions in our country, Corona hits other regions of the world even harder. When we complain that perhaps our Christmas party has to be postponed due to Corona or that a skiing holiday has to be cancelled, there are unfortunately still millions of people who lack the most basic thing: food and drink to ensure pure survival.

That's why we're foregoing gifts and sending Christmas greeting cards this year and instead are calling for a fundraising campaign that we've launched with Welthungerhilfe, which is WB Christmas campaign against hunger.

So far, our fundraising projects have been (almost) exclusively in India. But Corona has also made hunger worse in other parts of the world. That is why we have chosen Welthungerhilfe because, according to a recent comparison of large donation organizations with low advertising and administrative costs, it handles donations in an exemplary manner. Of Welthungerhilfe's total expenditure, around 93 percent goes directly to projects (project funding and project support). A further 1.5 per cent goes to education and awareness-raising work. Only 5.5 percent is spent on advertising and administration. In addition to India, Welthungerhilfe is also active in Africa, South America and other countries in South Asia.

We participate ourselves with EUR 1,000.00 in the fundraising campaign. With this money, Welthungerhilfe is able to feed a family of six for a whole year in a refugee camp.

You are cordially invited to participate in the fundraising campaign as a company or private individual and to do something good together with us:



We wish you a merry Christmas and a good start into the new year, in which we hope to be able to meet with you again in an analogous way.