The Bundeswehr invites you - A major civil-military event

State Act Federal Armed Forces Event

In a city park in the capital of Lower Saxony, the annual an Event of the Confederationeswehr takes place. With around 6,000 invited to guests - among them many guests of honour from business and politics - will be the major event regular at target for opponents of the Bundeswehr.   

This time, too, there is criticism from pacifist and left-wing Besides legal demonstrations grab the Opponents of the event however, also to more drasticelnto voice their displeasure. 

For example, there are paint bag attacks on people and facilities and even an arson attack. During the event, City Park will not be open to the public. 

The premises must be secured before the event

In order to be able to continue the major event of the German Armed Forces and to protect the guests, the area must be protected with elaborate military means and corresponding police measures. This requires coordinated planning and implementation of protective measures. Detailed emergency plans for various possible scenarios are part of this and must be worked out in advance. 

In the function of the senior security officer, the first task is to identify the possible threats and analyze corresponding scenarios. At the same time, preventive and reactive measures are implemented for emergency planning.  

The military security forces, the police and the relevant municipal authorities must be coordinated. Last, the measures adopted are implemented and constantly monitored. 

Measures Operational

Measures Organizational

Measures Communication

Acting according to the situation

Every security concept needs constant adaptation as needed. New knowledge gathered in the course of the event must be added to the concept. These are then transferred to reality through follow-up training of the security forces. The communication interfaces are also analysed again and again and adapted if necessary so that they are always up to date and you are prepared for changing challenges or can act accordingly. 

The new findings will also be applied to future events and can thus be used preventively. 

As chief security officer. Jan H. Heinen monitored the festivities of the Bundeswehr and protected them from sudden dangers.