Future models

Future models

Risk prevention does not only mean preparing for the known. Looking to the future is also crucial for sustainable corporate development.

Future models

Using experiences to avoid critical situations in the future is just as important as the exchange with others who have gone through similar or even the same experiences. 

"Driving with foresight" is something we all know from driving school - something similar applies to corporate strategy or organisational strategy. What developments are expected for the next 2 years? What risks could this entail and how can possible critical situations be prevented or contained in an emergency?  

At the same time, the world (economy) is constantly evolving: new technologies, trends and also legal requirements (for example the Supply Chain Sourcing Obligations Act), which affects every single company, organization and authority. 

You can either let these effects come to you and act if they have already (negatively) affected the company (Emergency Management). Or you deal with the changes and develop the business, the organizational structure, the products, etc. accordingly, so that you can avoid the risk of a collision or at least greatly reduce it.

Future models:

Lessons Learned

  • Digitized ICS
    Indicator systems
  • Reorder
    Assignment of clear responsibilities
  • Allocation of necessary resources

Exchange with others

Sustainable models for the future

  • How can I sustain positive effects?
  • How can I reinforce positive effects?
  • Are there opportunities and new potentials that I can and want to use?
  • How does my strategy change?
  • Will the world or my environment (customers, population, etc.) change as a result of the risk or crisis?
  • How should I respond strategically to the changes?
  • Social
  • Geopolitical / Megatrends
  • Legal (e.g. building law)
  • Economical
  • Technological

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