Carin Boon-Verweij

Carin Boon-Verweij is a consultant and trainer in crisis communication and crisis management. She designs and writes crisis plans, trains responsible persons, writes and organizes crisis exercises and monitors evaluations.

In recent years, she has trained many different crisis (communications) teams. From healthcare to government institutions to the industrial sector. She did this in Europe, Asia, the United States and South America.

In addition, Carin also regularly appears in crises and incidents. For example, as a crisis team leader, communications advisor or press officer. Carin served in one of these roles with the Dutch health organization during the Corona crisis. With the Belgian police during the terrorist attacks in Brussels. And for various municipalities during sex crimes, stabbings, threats and all sorts of other (physical) crises.

"I see it as a challenge to make a good connection with the 'outside world.' I always ask myself the questions, 'How does this crisis affect them?' and 'How do they make sense of all that's going to happen or has happened?' and 'How can we connect with them as best we can?' 

Listening to the 'inside and outside world' is therefore a very important starting point for me. Only when you analyze correctly can you make good decisions and communicate effectively.