Dr. Johannes Wamser

Working as a crisis manager for 20 years, among others in India, Dr. Johannes Wamser has specialized in complex projects, seemingly unsolvable challenges as well as crisis & change management. As managing director and co-founder of Dr. Wamser + Batra Group he mainly takes care of turnaround projects or European companies that have run into difficulties due to unpredictability or undesirable & disruptive external factors.

His risk experience stems from projects that required immediate intervention or where the viability of businesses or people was at immediate risk. Some examples: Strikes, conflicts between shareholders, employers & employees, departments, identification of Compliance violations, negotiations with authorities, identification of organizational weaknesses, mediations as emissary, Corona task force leader of a North Rhine-Westphalian municipality, head of a Vaccination campaign in North Rhine-Westphalia, employees at various municipal companies (public utilities / network operators) in the preparation of the possible gas shortage, effects of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, increase sexual harassment in companies, growing propensity to violence at events, Whistleblower Systems in both private and public companies, etc.

Contributions by Dr. Johannes Wamser

Immunization Task Force City of Bochum

Covid-19 Awareness campaign of the city of Bochum "Wattenscheid against Corona".

Municipality - Gemba Walk - Communication - case study
WB Risk Prevention Systems supported task force of the city of Bochum to strengthen immunization coverage and preventive health care.

Companies are becoming more risk-averse

WB Risk Prevention Systems introduces itself: Dr. Johannes Wamser in an interview
With Risk Prevention Systems, WB supports the management of crises and emergency situations, in addition to pandemics, such as corruption, mass strikes, natural disasters, terrorist attacks. Dr. Johannes Wamser on risks in everyday business, thinking outside the box and a crisis-tested team.

Employee strike India clashes

Employee strike leads to disputes

Strike - Employees - India - Union
It is not always possible to avoid an employee strike in your own company. Grievances and misunderstandings can also lead to this. But so can the influence of outside persons. In this case, the strike developed its own dynamic...

Interview Bochum Marketing Risk prevention Emergency management

It must not be the case that decisions are made or not made out of fear.

Bochum Marketing GmbH: Interview with Dr. Johannes Wamser
Particularly when working with municipalities, crisis management is always about a change of culture in the administration...

Subsidiary Interests Risk India

The Indian subsidiary pursues its own interests

India - Compliance - Corruption - Restructuring
The European parent company of a company in the mechanical engineering and vehicle manufacturing industry notices by chance that the management in India is not acting in accordance with the interests of the parent company. A study is commissioned to investigate compliance violations, corruption...