Special: Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit us with full force. Suddenly, unexpected and drastic. In our private and professional lives, we are confronted with conditions that we could never have imagined just a few months ago.

we have to develop guidelines or instructions whether as a public authority to the population or as an employer for its own staff. And these guidelines must then be adapted daily to daily updated findings and developments because tomorrow a completely different situation may arise than today. A high degree of flexibility is a pre-condition and we are constantly dealing with the topic.

Actually, you wanted to do completely different things with your company, your authority, your association, etc., than to to deal with distance rules, hygiene measures and structural changes. You would rather produce, sell or organize than to be forced to implement Corona regulations. Completely new is also that we even have to deal with the private lifestyle of people from our environment: Employees, customers and suppliers. The defense against the pandemic is obviously not a "can" but a "must" event. Such a crap!

How do you get through this and how can we help you?

Our Crisis Manager had to cope with manifold crises and have successfully been responsible to protect people and material assets and ultimately also to secure the existence of companies or the stability of regions.

The rapid spread of the virus has demonstrated the need for rapid and comprehensive responses. There is no area of economic life that is not affected by it. Our measures must, on the one hand technical & organizational possibilities into account and on the other hand all customers and employees in every phase of action have to be involved. 

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