Subsidiary pursues own interests

Subsidiary Interests Risk India

The European parent company as international Company from der Machinery and vehiclebuilding Industry Notices by chance that the management of the Indian subsidiary is not acting in accordance with the interests of the parent company. With regard to the tax laws, non-compliant behaviour is established. Due to this Insights a study will be commissioned that will reveal massive Compliance violations, corruption, misuse of company property by management, nepotism and theft comes to light.  

If these problems are not addressed quickly enough, the damage is irreparable after some time.lA particularly highs The potential risk here is the increasing damage caused by the theft of the company's property. AThe considerable number of legal infringements may lead to the following Blacklisting of the company by local authorities. In addition, threatens holding the company hostage Sync and corrections by n17t01 advised.  

Idea, planning, implementation - solving the problem together

To solve the problems, WB Risk Prevention Systems starts with a background investigation. It is important to approach the research with the utmost caution so that the Indian management does not become suspicious.   

Since it is still possible for the Indian management to notice the measures, the next step is to prepare for the worst-case scenario and to draw up a plan B. This plan is intended to regulate the behaviour in the event of unplanned escalations. These plans should regulate the behaviour in the event of unplanned escalations. 

The implementation of the measures is then planned. These include a legal coordination in the areas of labor, tax and corporate law, personnel replacement with regard to interim management, CFO, CEO and HR director. A replacement of these positions guarantees a smooth process in the Indian management in the future.  

The fourth measure is to coordinate the external experts and the entire team. This also includes supporting law firms, financial authorities and banks.  

After the coordination of the measures, it now comes to the implementation. Since the secrecy of the measures has been successful up to this point, the implementation leads to a complete surprise of the Indian management, thus avoiding possible resistance.  

New structures are being set up and the previous management replaced.  

Measures in the subsidiary

Measures Operational
Measures Organizational
Measures Communication

Big change at the parent company

A subsequent analysis of the reason for the massive violations has shown that the origin lies in the European parent company. This insight has resulted in a complete restructuring of the management of the foreign company at the parent company.

Together with WB Risk Prevention Systems, the company has managed to address and eliminate imminent problems. Now there is a smooth collaboration across continents with the Indian subsidiary.

As the central coordinator and project manager, the Dr. Johannes Wamser The management structure has been optimised in response to the problems at the subsidiaries and also at the European parent company.