6 top issues in the risk area that entrepreneurs are currently dealing with

Top issues in the risk area

Over the past few weeks, we have been working intensively on the current challenges for Entrepreneur:inside employed. In a direct exchange with them, we were able to find six Top topics in the Risic area identify the challenges that companies currently have to climb:

Change in interest ratesen, currencyfluctuations, Liquidityrisks and cost increases limit the financialn Room for maneuver From company a.

Ds a result of scandals, unethical Behavior or inadequate products and Services The public perception of theg of a Company sensitive impaired. It comes to a loss of image, legal and financial adverse Consequences.

Technical failures, cyber attacks and data loss can cause enormous economic damage and company paralyze

LawäChanges can refer to the own Impact on business activities. Two recent examples: The Supply chainsCare obligation act and the IT Security Actetz 2.0 require numerous measures in Companysystems and -processes, with it Company their Duties from the new regulations can fulfill.  

Skills shortage, missing Employees:inside qualification and insufficient personnelequipment lead to a further business risk. Persersonals Fehlvget single Employees:inside, such as corruption, embezzlement or (sexual) assault, add dem company enormous financial and legal Disadvantages as well as Imagesdamage Sync and corrections by n17t01.

Unpredictable effects at Company locatione through Environmental disasters such as floods or droughts have an effect on the Supply chains or traditional supply markets. This development calls for a review of the future strategy.

The top issues we have identified reflect the conversations we have had with entrepreneurs in recent weeks. Other risks, often industry-specific or size-dependent, lie dormant in the diverse world of business. In our exchanges with entrepreneurs, we are constantly learning about new perspectives.

What challenges are you currently facing? What issues do you have to deal with? Write us a message and tell us about your current experience and your personal assessment.

Why companies should address the top risk issues

Consciously addressing risk issues is the first step toward Risk Prevention. The exchange among companies regarding risks and experiences with crises is also important in order to better understand risks and deal with them more effectively. Our "learning from each other and with each other" approach makes it possible to integrate tried-and-tested strategies into one's own crisis management and at the same time not to replace working approaches with effective ones in a timely manner.  

This makes it possible to be better prepared for future crises and to increase one's own resilience to crises.  

Top topics in the risk area: Our series of articles

In the coming weeks, we will take up the six top issues and deal with them in depth. We will not only take a closer look at them, but above all show intelligent approaches to solutions that lead to a minimization of risks. 

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