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Vaccination campaign - How does a municipality reach the population?

Crisis communication vaccination campaign Corona
With the onset of the Corona pandemic, hardly any company was able to fall back on experience gained from similar situations already experienced and correspondingly prepared emergency and crisis plans. Thus it went but not only companies, but also the public sector, i.e. the federal government, the federal states and the Communities and their authorities

Initially, these were mainly focused on health and regulatory measures, such as Contact tracing and health department quarantine orders, mandatory wearing of masks in city centres, Begrencrease in the number of visitors to retail outlets, or Vorgaben für Schulen. Später folgte dann die Impfkampagnen, vor allem aber der Aufbau and operation the stationary Immunization Centers.

Create perception and perceive yourself

A basic building block, which must be thought of consistently, ran rather incidentally and through the usual routine channels: the Communication. It was thought in the old familiar behavior: The city informs their citizens. A mutual exchange did not take place.

What concrete consequences this has will be discussed on the Example of Corona vaccination deutlich. Lesen Sie mehr in unserer aktuellen Case Study: